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May 13, 2019

Top 5 Crochet Faux Locs Hair Reviews

In this blog post, we'll discuss top 5 crochet faux locs styles on budget. Long, curly & wavy, chunky faux locs reviews. lightweight and pre-looped crochet locs videos. Customer feedbacks.

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December 14, 2018

Bobbi Boss Swiss Lace Front Wig - MLF350 Tiah

  • Bobbi Boss Tiah - asymmetrical bob style lace front wig with ombre colors.
  • Deep middle part. Swiss soft lace front.
  • Well constructed wig - Bobbi Boss quality.
  • Gradual triple color fade.
  • Low volume - Sleek bob style.
  • Keira is rocking - TT1B/BUG in the video.

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December 11, 2018

Sensationnel What Lace? Solana Wig Review by TheHeartsandcake90

Watch Sensationnel What Lace? Collection Solana Wig Review. The lace front part of this wig gives enhanced Invisible and natural looking hairline.

Wig grip band: here.

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November 28, 2018

How to care for your wig when it gets wet in the rain

How to care for your wig when it gets wet in the rain.

Women make the decision to wear a wig either for cosmetic or medical reasons.  Finding the right wig, one that suits you best, takes time.

Caring for your wig is essential in achieving maximum lifespan and to keep it looking it's best. Despite your best efforts, the unexpected does happen in terms of your wig getting wet by the rain. If that happens, wash the wig as soon as possible.

When taking care of your 100℅ human hair, human blend and synthetic wigs you must ensure that during the washing, conditioning, drying and styling process you DO NOT: massage, twist, rub, wring or stretch the hair.

Comb through hair to remove tangles using only comb designed for wigs, be careful not to stretch the hair. Wet hair under cool running water, gently squeezing out excess water and apply human hair wig shampoo evenly over the hair, starting from tip and working upwards. When shampooing the hair do not start at the base, as this can loosen the knots on the cap leading to hair falling from the wig. Start at the tips working upwards using a wide tooth wig comb to comb through tangles.

Gently rinse the shampoo from the hair allowing cool water to flow from the base to the tip. Ensure that all the shampoo has been removed. Gently, squeeze excess water from the hair and towel blot.

Drying & Styling:

The best option for drying is to air dry on a wig stand. If you are using a dryer then it should be on a warm setting. Heated tools and styling products designed for human hair wigs can be used sparingly.


Caring for synthetic wig when it gets wet in the rain:

Gently comb hair with a wig comb to remove tangles. Put two corks full of shampoo to a basin of cold water. Turn wig inside out and immerse in water for 3 minutes, swirling gently. Rinse gently in cold water until shampoo is removed and towel blot.

Apply conditioner to hair leaving on for 2 minutes, rinse with cold water until conditioner is removed. Squeeze excess water and towel blot. On surface of the hair, spritz a revitalizing conditioner and air dry.

DO NOT USE: dryer, flat or curling iron or brush designed for human hair. Use a wig brush or hair pick to style. Armed with this information you can increase the lifespan of your wig.

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October 28, 2018

What You Should Know About Crochet Hair Braids

crochet hair braid

Hair making just got a whole lot better and easier with the Crochet hair. Crochet hair making is a simpler way for women to look natural while experimenting with different loose weaves.

The hair used for crochet are quite different from those used for fixing normal weaves.  The hair used is loose and not strung together in a line. Instead of sewing it in with the normal sewing needle and thread, crochet hair is sort of looped under the natural hair, with a crochet needle and tied in a knot at the base.

You need to understand that when we say "crochet hair," we do not refer to a type of weave. Instead, what we are talking about, is the method with which the various weaves are attached to the hair. It's the crocheting method, which entails interlocking loops of hair or extensions in cornrows, using a crochet hook or needle.

When crocheting, you insert a crochet needle or hook into the cornrow braids made of your natural hair; then you thread in the hair or extension you want to use and pull the hair through and tie in a knot at the base of the hair.

Different types of Crochet Hair Styles

The following are the different hairstyles you can rock using the crocheting method:

1. Faux locs: If you are the type who loves to rock dreadlocks, you will surely enjoying rocking the crochet type of locks.  This style gives the wearer the same look that natural dreadlocks would give them. The good thing is, it is temporary, and you can decide to remove it without the stress of unlocking or cutting as you would do to your natural dreadlocks. To make your faux locs, you can get your hair from $5 - $10 and it cost from $60 - $100 to install. You can wear your crochet locs for as long as 3 months,  after which you remove it.


2. Crochet braids: This hairstyle is similar to the normal braids, but the difference is the hair used, looks more natural, and the look you get,  is similar to the one you will get if you braided your natural hair. With crochet braids,  you could pass for a naturalist who braided their natural unrelaxed hair. You can decide to either braid it from the scratch or attach braided strands of hair extensions to your hair.  You can get the hair for the rate of $5 - $7 and the cost of installing varies from $50 - $70. Crochet braids are faster and easier to make. It is advisable to remove your braids after 6 weeks.


3. Crochet Twist : This style is like braids, but the difference is the twisting. The hair extension is looped into the natural hair and twisted not braided. This style takes time more than the braids. The minimum number of hours you can spend is 7 hours.  You can get the hair for the rate of $5 - $9 and the cost of installing varies from $60 -$80.

4. Crochet Straight, Wavy and Curls: These styles are dependent on the texture of the hair extension of your choice, you can decide to go for either straight, curly or wavy weaves.  The most important thing is the common method of attaching, and that is the crocheting method. You can get your weaves from $4 - $10 and install for $40 and above. The crochet weaves can last for approximately two to three months.

Your choice of hair is solely dependent on you.  You can choose the style, volume, weight,  colour, and length that you desire. You can either choose to use a synthetic or human hair weave for your crochet styles.

Your best bet at getting quality hair for your crocheting is Bobbi Boss Natural Hairline. You'd have the opportunity to pick any hair of your choice from their hair catalog. At Bobbi Boss, you are guaranteed of the best hair and weaves.

Benefits of Crochet Hair

1. You can decide to install it yourself. It is that easy.

2. It's lightweight and durable.

3. The installation is not time-consuming, especially for the braids.

4. It protects your natural hair.

5. It is pocket-friendly.

How to take care of your crochet hair

You need to spray the hair often to prevent frizziness, tangles, and dryness. Moisturize few times a week. You also need to spray your scalp, in between your cornrows to prevent dandruff.

Join the league of women slaying with crochet hair today, get your quality and durable crochet hair.





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October 26, 2018

Tips On Picking The Right Wigs for Black Women

Tips On Picking The Right Wigs for Black Women

Every woman has the right to look beautiful and fabulous, irrespective of the color of her skin, either she is black or white. Women owe it to themselves to look confident and glamorous with any beauty/fashion regimen they choose to use.

As a black woman, using wigs or artificial extensions is not a crime, neither is it a way of trying to keep up with the Joneses. It is a way of expressing yourself and making fashion statements like every other woman in the world.

It is common knowledge that the black woman's hair can be a tough nut to crack, as we go through a lot to keep our stubborn and feisty natural hairs in shape.

Wearing a wig or sewing in extensions does not mean,  that the black woman is not proud of her natural hair or of her origin, but it is an indication of how fashionable and versatile she is.

Wigs give the black woman an ample opportunity to experiment with different looks, at the same time making the best of her feminity. With wigs, the black woman does not have to spend forever with her natural hair,  all she needs to do is wash her natural hair often, braid it neatly and use her wigs when she needs to.

Having said that, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Making an incredible fashion statement with wigs requires for the black woman to make the right wig choices.

The following are ways to pick the right wigs that will help you look good and boost your confidence as a black woman.

1. Choosing the right style. You need to know the hairstyle that fits your face. It can either be fringe, bob,  razor cut, center or side parting.  Your choice of style doesn't solely depend on your sentiments but on the shape of your face.

This will take us to how to know the shape of your face.

a. Round Face: Projected jaw, rounded cheeks and the same length and breadth of the forehead and jawline.

b.  Oval Face: Narrow chin and wider forehead. You have a long face, a curved jawline slightly narrower than your forehead.

c.  Square Face: Square chin and forehead and projected jawline.

d.  Heart Face: Wide Cheekbones and forehead, narrow and pointed chin and jaw.

e.  Diamond Face: You have a pointed chin, narrow forehead and jawline and wide cheekbones.

Knowing this would help you in selecting the best wig for your face.

2. Choosing the right color, texture, and length of wigs. You have to pick a color that suits your skin type. 

Dark Skinned:  you'd do well with the following colors: Brown, Black, Dark red,  Auburn and heavy Blonde.

Medium Skinned: Brown, Golden Blonde,  Black, Copper, and Auburn.

Light Skinned: Black,  Warm Brown, Honey Blonde and Red.

For lengths, you have to go for what you're comfortable with.  You don't want to wear something that will discomfort you. So you can either go for short, medium (shoulder length) or long wigs.

Your wigs can also be either straight, wavy or curly.

3.  Choose your cap type and size. You need to know if you are going for the Monofilament, 100% hand sewn, 360 lace, front lace or full lace cap type.  The following are the various cap sizes you can choose from Very Petite (48.3 cm), Petite (53.3cm), Petite Average (54.6cm), Average (55.8cm) and Large (58.4cm). Knowing the size of your head can help you in picking your capsize from the above-listed sizes.

4. Choose the hair you want for your wig: You can either choose to get a wig made of Human hair or Synthetic fibre. Human hair wigs are made from original human hair gotten from either India, Malaysia or China. Human hair wigs are expensive and they last longer. They can be styled like your natural hair, and they need to be washed frequently.

Synthetic hair wigs are made from fibres. They are less durable and they need little maintenance.  They are not as expensive as human hair, and you can't style them anyhow you want.

Finally, decide if it's a wig you need to brush,  comb or just run your fingers through. Also, you need to inquire about the maintenance of the wig. Ask for the right care products for your wig.

There is absolutely no way you'd miss getting the perfect wig if you take advantage of these aforementioned tips.

Remember, it's not a crime to look amazing as a black woman. So get your freak on and slay unapologetically with your wigs.

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October 25, 2018

What You Should Know About Lace Front Wigs

lace front wigs

What You Should Know About Lace Front Wigs

Gone are the days when women use wigs only as costumes, or to hide the state of their hair. Back in the day, women with little or no hair buy wigs to cover up for the loss of their own natural hair. This was really common among aging women and female cancer patients who had undergone chemotherapy and are suffering from Alopecia.

Women who use wigs in those days were always shy to let anyone know they had a wig on. They pretend it was their hair growing back in place.

Presently, times have changed as lots of women are into wigs more than their natural hair. And they are unapologetic about it.

Today, women use wigs anyhow and anytime they want.  A lot of them see wigs as a fashion saving grace, and an opportunity to change their looks as often as they want, something they can't achieve with their natural hair.

Wigs have come to stay as an important tool in women's beauty regimen. And with wigs, there are no limits to the number of looks you can create in a short period of time.

Wigs are hair pieces made from either human hair, animal hair or synthetic fibres. They can be found in different styles, lengths, colours, and textures. There are lace front wigs, full lace wigs, human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, monofilament wigs, machine stitched wigs, hand tied and double weft wigs. The primary materials needed to make a wig are hair strands and a cap.

For this article, our focus is on the lace front wigs. Lace front wigs also known as lace frontal wigs, are wigs with a sheer lace panel,  located in the front part of the head.  These hair strands are attached to a lace or mesh, which is used only at the front of the hair, very close to the hairlines. The rest of the wig is made out of another material that is stronger than the lace. The strands used for lace front wigs can either be original human hair ( from India, China or Malaysia, etc.) or synthetic fibres.

There are two types of lace front wigs; there are the glued and glueless types. In making the glued type, the hair strands are attached to the lace with glues before they are attached to the natural hair.

Glueless lace front wigs are hand sewn into the mesh, for those who don't want adhesives or glues in their hairs.

Reasons the lace front wigs are popular among ladies are:

1. They look extremely natural. The skin-like sheer lace blends with your skin’s complexion, giving it the perfect natural look. They create the illusion that the hairline is totally yours, which helps to boost the confidence and appearance of the user.

2. Lace front wigs are lightweight, breathable and comfortable than any other wig.

3. With Lace front wigs, you can style your wig anyhow you want, creating different beautiful looks

4. They are durable. You can have your lace front wig on for as long as 6 weeks. All you need do is wash and moisturize often. Also,  you can reuse it so many times,  especially if you're going for the human hair lace front wigs.

5. You have the options of picking any length, style, color, material, and texture you want.

6. With lace front wigs, you can engage in any activities without fear of your wig coming off or being detected.

7. You can repair them easily if you're not planning to replace them any time soon.

Things to note about wearing Lace front wigs.

1. Your Lace Front Wig has an expiry date. You can only use it for as long as 6 weeks per use. Remove it after 6 weeks.

2. You need to secure your natural hair very well before wearing the wig so that your hair doesn't show under the wig.

3. Ensure the color of the sheen lace or mesh matches the color of your scalp.

4. Employ the services of an experienced stylist to help in making your wig, that's if you don't want to buy one.

5. You have to wash and condition it on a regular basis. You have to remove the wig from your head, to wash it properly. A mannequin's head is your best bet at keeping it in shape when you are washing it. After washing, air dry it, moisturize it and brush gently when it is dry.

How to wash: wash gently with shampoo in lukewarm water, rinse in cold water and shake off.

6. Don't rough handle your wig. The material is a delicate one, ensure you handle it with care all the time.

7. If you are using the glued wig, ensure you secure your natural hair before applying the glue.  Make sure you use the right glue too.

8. The prices of lace front wigs vary from $45 to $500. You can make your choice according to your pocket size.

That's all you need to about the lace front wigs. Go ahead and look glamorous with your lace front wigs.

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October 13, 2018

How Wigs Can Improve One's Life | Hair So Fly Blog

lace front wigs for busy professional women

How can wigs improve one's life?

People use wigs for different reasons. It could be a hair-loss, bettering the appearance, wanting a specific look, or if one is a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.

Taking care of hair and changing hairstyles can often be time consuming, most people prefer their natural hair over anything superficial. What they don’t realize is that wigs are not only the easy means to look different but also one that keeps your natural hair intact. You can make your hair appear fuller, denser give it more volume, make it appear straight, curly however you wish it to be. Perming, straightening, curling can cause damage but protective styling like using wigs is a safer means to maintain styles.

Celebrities around the world have highly popularized the use of great wigs. Most African American wigs are appreciated for the convenience they provide. Besides, wigs are wonderful time savers. So, for working moms, busy corporate lawyers, crazy scheduled doctors, wigs are a unique time saving way to look great.

What are the other reasons for wearing wigs, you might wonder?

You can change from short, long, wavy to curly and straight looks in days or weeks without any personal hair damage. Some styles require severe combing, heat and you have to ask yourself whether you want to put your precious hair through all of that. You can freely try different styles like soft and bouncy curls, perfect ringlets, and straight look without even using a blow dryer. What other reason would you need?

The current trend sees extensions becoming highly popular, so embracing the idea of a wig would really be setting the next trend in pace. Which brings us to our next question.

How to select a wig?

  • Pick a colour that works well with your skin tone, a shade that compliments the shape of your face, the colour of your eyes and your overall personality. Your skin tone is the best guide while picking the colour of your wig.
  • There are three kinds of skin tones: warm, cool and neutral; for warm skin tone chestnut browns usually go well, for cool – raven black is a blind pick.
  • The best wigs usually are the ones that look like they could have been your natural hair.
  • You will always find affordable wigs if you look well, but don’t always choose them for their cost, but their quality.

There are different kinds of hair wigs, lace fronts, full lace wigs, human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, full cap wigs among others.

For instance a lace front is made to resemble the natural hair line. It comes with a strip of lace that is used to fit your head shape and hairline. It gives you a more natural look and you could surprise those around you with different styles.

While the lace front wig gives the appearance of a natural hair line. The base of a lace front wig isn’t made of lace, but of a thicker material that is even more comfortable.

For a round face, short, spiky pixie wigs, with a length that touch the collarbone or the jawline suit well. For a heart shaped face, a short pixie wig that can be tousled should be thought of and for a square face, a wig that would soften the jawline should be considered.

Human hair wigs for instance are valued for their natural movement, you can use a synthetic blend wig along with the human hair wig. A blended wig heavier than a full synthetic, but significantly lighter than a full human hair wig! If you want a human hair look without the weight, blends are definitely what you should look at!

For African American women there are different styles that work wonders- curls, tresses are something of a safe go-to style. Other than these, bangs, lace fronts and human hair blends are quite the popular choice.

The Bob hair-style from the 20’s has been a classic and has never gone out of trend. Even today we have variants of this style. Shorter, longer, wavy, curly, choose the right bob wig that will enhance your face.

The chin length bob suits almost everyone, it is perfect for women with thin hair and gives a fuller volume to their head.

If you have stern features a shorter bob will work well, if you are not comfortable with a real short version a layered bob wig is something you can look at!

Before you choose your wig there are also a few things to keep in mind:

  • If a wig is not attached properly it could come off, the ones that are glued have a higher possibility of coming off than the ones that were sewed.
  • If it is summer time, a human hair wig could make you feel really hot.
  • Wigs require maintenance, you need to ensure that the piece is in good shape by washing it with a quality shampoo, conditioner.
  • Swimming while wearing a wig is forbidden

You can always choose your look, your hair and that too without a hassle. That is the freedom of wigs. But, make sure to understand everything about the wig before you put it on!

wigs for busy professional women

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October 12, 2018

Bobbi Boss Human Hair Lace Front Wig - Ema Short (MHLF802) Review


Bobbi Boss Human Hair Lace Front Wig - Ema Short (MHLF802)

Perfect for busy professionals, Bobbi Boss human hair lace front wig offers quick solution with amazing bob style. All you have to do is shake it and go. Let the hair breathe for a bit once taken out of the package. The parting is perfect on this piece and little bit of concealer or mineral powder will do. Long lasting durability thanks to 100% top quality human hair. 


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October 12, 2018

Bobbi Boss Mazie Lace Front Wig


Upgrade your bob game with Bobbi Boss Mazie. She is a wavy bob wig with 5 inches of parting space. She is one of the latest lace front wig from Bobbi Boss. Mazie comes in 2 special dark roots colors like the one shown on video and reddish brown mix. This wig is big head friendly and heat safe up to 350 degrees.


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October 06, 2018

Lace Front Wigs | Frequently Asked Questions

Why do wigs have a lace front?

Lace front wigs have a small patch of lace attached to the hairline. Each individual hair strands are hand sewn into holes of the lace mimicking a natural scalp. The lace material stretches and covers your whole front hairline giving you the most natural scalp look. 

Why are lace front wigs better than standard cap wigs?

The popularity of lace front wigs have exploded in recent years thanks to its invisible hairline, affordable cost, and easy of use. With a simple personal tweak, you can achive a truly undetactable & natural hairline. 

How do lace front wigs stay on?

Lace front wigs come equipped with additional combs and adjustable straps to secure the wig. For additional security, lace front wig glue or got2b glue can be used to hold down the front lace.

How long do they last?

  • Human hair: up to a year with good care.
  • Synthetic hair: typically 2-3 months.

Some wigs have a larger lace patch area such as 4x4, 13x4, and full lace. Your style can be more versatile when you have a lot of lace to work with.

Great for protective style as long as you take care of your edges as using too much adhesive can damage your temples long term. Wig bands are recommended to save your edges.

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September 30, 2018

Lace Front Wigs | Human Hair Wigs | Crochet Hair Vol. 01

style="text-align: center;">lace front wigs human hair wigs crochet hair crochet braid

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September 25, 2018

Lace Front Bob Wigs Series: Vlog 02 | Bobbi Boss Allison


Meet Allison, the newest member of the Bobbi Boss family. She is a middle part straight bob swiss lace front wig.

What's different? What makes this particular bob unit stand out is its highlighting effect. It only covers 3/4 giving you the popular dark roots. The highlights are subtle and not too loud which makes it appear more natural. (color: tp1b/30).


  • Hand-made 5" Deep part.
  • Swiss lace | Heat safe | Fits any occasion. 
  • Everyday approved style.
  • Low maintenance, tangles, frizz.

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September 24, 2018

Synthetic Wig Care Tips | Jessica Pettway

The longevity of synthetic wigs can increase or decrease depending on the quality of care it receives from the user.

  • Use dry shampoo to get rid of shine and revive the body.
  • Gently detangle from ends working up to roots with a large paddle brush.
  • Use Flexi-rods to hold curls in place and blow dry. Avoid using iron.
  • Try not to sleep with the wig on. Storing wigs properly will improve its lifespan.

Watch Jessica Pettway as she explains her wig maintenance routine in detail.

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Outre Swiss X Lace Front Wig | Ariana

December 23, 2016

Outre Swiss X Lace Front Wig | Ariana

Don't miss my review on @outre_hair Ariana courtesy of @hairsofly_shop ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All Links listed in BIO!!!👆🏼

A photo posted by 💋girlratesworld💋 (@girlratesworld) on



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December 08, 2016


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